Wednesday, December 28, 2011


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In an interview, the leader of the Grand Rally for the Evolution of Haiti (GREH), the former colonel Himmler Rébu strongly denounced the constitutional amendments in which he sees, a real conspiracy, organized by the former government against the nation of Haiti, against the economy and against the political stability of Haiti.

"...I think it is the duty of every citizen to denounce this conspiracy against the nation, because after the tribulations we have experienced in recent years, we thought that the arrival of President Michel Martelly was an opportunity for the Haitians to come together to finally take steps to develop the country. But these constitutional amendments, as I read them [...] it is a very serious conspiracy against the entire nation of Haiti, against the economy and against the political stability.

You can imagine, we have chosen a democratic system where people come out to elect their members at all levels, both at the level of Lower House, at the level of the Senate, and of the Presidency and territorial collectivities. Now we read in the Constitution, of which nobody knows because it's finally yesterday that I was able to read these enormities; it says in this Constitution, that if something happens to the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister automatically becomes President for the rest of the term.

[...] there, we return to the system of the electoral College (grands électeurs); now is the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate of the Republic who finally choose, that ratify the Prime Minister and decide who will be President of the Republic !

I think it is something extremely serious, especially since we're supposed to go into an electoral year that will require a lot of serenity. This is extremely serious that President Martelly becomes the fall guy... [...] Apart from this anomaly, there are several others; like the system which must set up the Electoral Council without popular participation !

So there is a great problem. Who decided that the democratic system in Haiti, must be a system of an Electoral College. They are great personages who, caulked in their living rooms or in their offices, decide who should run the country. This is an attempt to eliminate the popular will, and I think that all politicians should take action to open the eyes of the President...

[...] I think we are dealing with the preparation of a big mess. My civic duty is to warn everyone, that everyone calms down [...] besides, there is no text to review because I do not see how President Martelly, who is not at all concerned with the question of the constitutional amendment should be the one who publishes it. It was the duty of President Préval.

So I think that we are making a bad political enterprise on the eve of 2012, which is a very bad omen for the Republic..."

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