Wednesday, December 28, 2011


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7 police instructors of the National Academy of Police participated in a workshop on human rights in Historical Sugar Cane Park, whose objective was "to identify particular challenges faced by the various trainers of the police Academy in order to propose possible courses of action for 2012."

This workshop, an initiative of the Section of Human Rights (SDH) of the MINUSTAH, has covered a number of topics, including the different types of violations that the Haitian police may commit in the performance of their duties, the device of training in human rights, the status of the trainer in human rights, the rights of Haitian police officers, in perspective to human rights...

"These are useful and necessary exchanges which must allow agents of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) to overcome the many challenges and meet the expectations related to the strengthening of the Rule of law," declared Mr. Jean Miguelite Maximé, Director of the Police Academy, adding that the institution "has to go through strong republican institutions, and be guarantors of human rights." Mr. Maximé also believes that human rights are a universal instrument that must "be taught and passed on to better ensure compliance and promote every day in Haiti, the defense of human rights..."

Theoretical Problems

Michael Belliot Jacquet, Principal Inspector of the Police Nationale d'Haiti (PNH) noted that this transmission has not been donee without difficulties, citing lack of materials, annexes and copies to distribute to students...

Material Problems

The problem is not just at the level of theory. Mr. Belliot indicated that in order to fulfill its mission and prevent violations of human rights in the performance of duties, police officers should have among other things, a stick, tear gas or handcuffs so that in case of self defense for example, they can have other recourse than their gun; but these types of equipment are often lacking.

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