Friday, December 23, 2011

photos - teacher seminars - part 1

Phil and Roslyn Langford are both teachers from Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan. They took on the challenge of planning 3 days of teacher training seminars for a group of teachers. I have never met them before and asked them to send a photo so that we would know who to look for at the airport. It sure was a good thing that they did this!
We always follow the arrival times of flights on the computer and know when flights are late. We live within a 10 minute drive to the airport but on Wednesday afternoon, when it was time to head out to the airport we sat in heavy traffic on Airport Road.
One good thing is that some of the people living in the refuge camps are starting to be relocated and in some sections there were less tents and in some areas none!
Because of the traffic jam I decided to head to the airport on foot. I was worried about missing the visitors and since it was their first visit to Haiti I didn't want them to be alone and wondering how they were going to get to Coram Deo :) On the walk I was able to see some of the changes in the Airport Rd. camp.

Some tents are down and in their places is some debris.

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