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Forty aspiring lawyers of the 2007-2011 promotion of the Faculty of Law of Jacmel [founded in 1981] graduated on Sunday, December 11. The ceremony of the promotion, named "Promotion Lumière", was held at the Youth Ministry Center of Jacmel, in the presence of various personalities including Ronald Andris, the Deputy Mayor of Jacmel, Mr. Antoine Jean Férot and Mr. Franck Lauture; respectively, commissioner and deputy commissioner of the Government's prosecution office of Jacmel, members of the Dean of the Law Faculty, parents and friends of graduates.

In his sermon for the occasion, the Bishop of Jacmel, Mgr. Théodule Domond, has pointed out to the attention of future lawyers, that they are called to be indispensable servants of Haitian Justice. "With peace and solidarity, the justice is one of the pillars of social order willed by God, based on the dignity of the freedom of all human persons." He said relying on the involvement of these new lawyers in the realization of the proposed judicial reform in Haiti "You must have ... in the practice and the achievement of the common good, .... goodness, loyalty, and honesty between you."

Mathurin Royal, one of the students, speaking on behalf of the promotion, thanked the teachers who have invested their time during those four years; their legal knowledge, political and cultural, religious and others. "Despite the difficulties experienced during the four years of study, our greatest pride is built on the work done by the management team of the Faculty of Law and on the dedication of all teachers [...]" Promising that this graduating class, agrees to take the defense of the voiceless, especially the poorest, while respecting and enforcing the rights of others.

Mr. Ronald Charles, president of the Bar of Jacmel, reminded the recipients that they have embraced a noble mission: the one to defend widows and orphans who thirst for justice, and invited them to apply the various knowledge acquired during the training courses and to work hard in order to be able to fight injustice.

Professor Georges Greffin, Dean of the Faculty, praised the students of the promotion for the important role that students played in a crisis that the faculty experienced, from December 2008 to late spring 2009, following the death of the former Dean Mr. Marc Christophe Saint Ange, and the election to the head of the law school of a board of directors. "This promotion had to play a key role in accompanying the new team to overcome the difficulties, the subversive and dishonest activities of a system of the past who were in opposition to academic standards and administrative structures that characterize every university worthy of the name.

For his part, Mr. Adeline Dougé François, Dean of the trial court of Jacmel and also sponsor of this promotion, reminded the graduates that the profession of a lawyer is very demanding, especially in Haiti where it is exercised in difficult conditions. "It requires competence, provisions of the heart, know-how and skills," Me Madeline has encouraged the aspiring lawyers to take the law as a compass, while seeking balance, harmony and regulation of interactions of the members of the society and to restore the credibility of Haitian Justice.

Mr. Aviol Fleurant, an activist lawyer practicing in Port-au-Prince, and sponsor of the promotion, has encouraged the promotion to serve the community "[...] waiting for you today, the difficult task of placing the country on the track of democracy and of the rule of law. You must, under penalty of being condemned by history, do your duties towards your country. A country which is delivered to itself, besieged by the incompetent, a country eroded by corrupt politicians, who only see the petty and personal interests over those of the community."

The graduation ceremony of the "Promotion Lumière" was a memorable event unprecedented for many, since the existence of the institution.

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