Tuesday, December 27, 2011


(Defend Haiti) - By Samuel Maxime

PORT-AU-PRINCE - The first new item in the Constitution of Haiti 2011 aims for a more sovereign nation. The process was initiated by former President Rene Preval. This amendment was proposed by the 48th Legislature and accepted by the 49th Legislature.

The change to ARTICLE 1 is in a replacement of the word "sovereignty" that emphasizes that Haiti is a sovereign nation. Three words are also eliminated and replaced with "solidary".

This is the old text:

Haiti is a Republic, indivisible, sovereign, independent, cooperatist, free, democratic and social.

It now reads:

Haiti is a sovereign Republic, independent, free, democratic and solidary.

In 1987 the people of Haiti had just come up from under a 30 year dictatorship and were satisfied enough to be able to say "Haiti is a Republic...". The international community was needed close by because no one knew what the future would hold.

In 2011, the people have grown a bit. They've practiced democracy and no, were not at all very good with it but one thing is true, they believe in it. The training wheels are off now. Today, the people wish to re-emphasize, through its Constitution, that "Haiti is a sovereign Republic..."

The adjectives indivisible, cooperatist, and social are removed. Indivisible can be misconstrued into authoritative government. Cooperatism is a crazy uncle of Communism and "social" doesn't emphasize the freedom of the individual.

Solidary, characterized by or involving a community of responsibilities and interests. This better describes what the people of Haiti meant to convey by indivisible, cooperatist and social.

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