Saturday, December 31, 2011


Haiti has had a difficult year of trying to rebuild and find homes for all those who lost their homes in the earthquake. At year's end there are still around 500,000 people living in refuge camps. Everyone is impatient about the lack of reconstruction but the task is massive. The quality of living in Haiti is not good and according the the Mercer Study, Port-au-Prince is in the Top 5 worst quality of living cities in the world. The hope of the people here in the city is that with Michel Martelly and a prime minister now in place is that the world and ngo's will work together with the government to improve Haiti's quality of living score. It sure would be good to see Haiti leave the Top 5 of poor quality of living countries in the world. Pray that the quality of living for the Haitian people will improve in 2012.

The 5 worst quality of living scores were in the following cities of the world:

1. Baghdad, Iraq -(221)
2. Bangui, Central African Republic - (220)
3. N'Djamena, Chad - (219)
4. Port-au-Prince, Haiti - (218)
5. Khartoum, Sudan - (217)

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