Thursday, December 29, 2011


(Defend Haiti) -

PORT-AU-PRINCE – An attack by gunmen against the car of a human rights activist, Kettly Julien, has caused two to be injured on Tuesday afternoon in downtown Port-au-Prince.

The Director of the Mobile Institute for Democratic Education (IMED) was not in the car when the attack occurred, but her son and driver were victims of it.

Phito Francis, the driver of Mrs. Julien, was shot in the shoulder while the son of the human rights activist was hit slightly in the face by flying glass. According to the head of the IMED, the incident occurred at Rue du Centre, near the National Library.

Three people on a motorcycle opened fire on the IMED vehicle forcing the two occupants to lie down to escape the bullets.

Phito Francis was taken to a hospital where he underwent medical examinations to locate the bullet and remove it through surgery.

The attackers directly aimed at the seat where Julien generally would be sitting and the activist said it was the first time that she experienced an attack of this type.

Exposing the extent of criminal insecurity, including a large number of kidnappings that would be concealed, the human rights defender calls for a real governmental mobilization against it.

In an attempt to quell the many gangs in operation, the authorities launched “Operation Dragon” that has freed a few hostages and nabbed some individuals considered as dangerous.

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