Wednesday, December 28, 2011


(Defend Haiti) -

PORT-AU-PRINCE - The Secretary of State for Public Security, Reginald Delva, expressed satisfaction with the results achieved with "Operation Dragon", launched by the National Police of Haiti (PNH) in response to the recent wave of banditry and kidnapping that began in October.

Speaking on Radio Kiskeya Saturday, Secretary Delva justified his feelings with the significant arrests and foiled plans that Operation Dragon was able to thwart.

"Operation Dragon" could be maintained even beyond the holiday season and New Year, after evaluation, the official said Public Security, Ministry of Justice. He stated that it is also the first of a series of operations that the PNH has to constantly run to defeat the bandits.

While expressing his satisfaction with the response so far by the police, Mr. Delva stresses the need that security be strengthened in the area of ​​the international airport of Port-au-Prince, where some attacks against newly arrived travelers to the country, especially on flights at the end of the day were recorded. He said that he had instructed for a census in the Departmental Directorate of the Ouest of the PNH (DDO) and the Office of Delmas to adopt provisions in an emergency.

Asked about the issue of security, the former colonel and leader of Grand Rally for Change in Haiti (GREH), Himmler Rebu, stated that the current operation a marked improvement in the situation. But he believes there still need to be some adjustments, particularly with regard to controls in terms of traffic. They are not made in a sound professional manner, according to the former senior officer of the army who regrets the inconvenience caused to citizens by massive traffic jams resulting from the way these checks are carried out.

In general, however, Mr. Rebu says police operations will always be "bluff business"; which is to say, necessarily limited in scope. The state has lost control of the country's security, because of marked disorganization of the physical space in Haiti, the moral depravity and general loss of values...

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