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PORT-AU-PRINCE – Deputy Arnel Bélizaire (Delmas & Tabarre/Veye-Yo) took money from the Minister of the Interior, Thierry Mayard-Paul, an act being characterized as corruption by some of his colleagues in the lower house.

Members of the Lower House of Parliament protested last week when the Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and National Defense announced that he would give 80 of the nation’s deputies money for the end of the year.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Sorel Jacinthe (Moron Chamberllan/Inite) said a deputy should not take money from the hands of a minister. Such funds should go through the office of the chamber and be allocated by the office of the chamber, the Vice-President of the House said.

It was discovered on Monday that Deputy Arnel Bélizaire had accepted money – from the Minister of the Interior.

It is a curious situation, as it was Arnel Bélizaire who was the victim of an arbitrary arrest on October 27. On the 28th, 71 deputies resolved to not recognize the authority of the Minister of the Interior, among other members of the government.

Deputies will return to legislative session on January 2nd and have set up a special commission to begin working on the case of the October 27th arrest. Today, Deputy Bélizaire is not interested in seeing a commission operate.

In the audio file, Deputy Chancer Cholzer (Ennery/AAA) claims that money being given to deputies on Monday did not come from the Minister of the Interior. Kenston Jean-Baptiste (Cap-Haitien/PLAPH) takes distance from the questionable act of accepting money from the minister. Lastly, Deputy Arnel Bélizaire does not want to see the commission set up.

In August it was discovered by the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) that 11 deputies, 10 former deputies and a senator had taken money, under questionable terms, from the previous Minister of the Interior.

Deputy Bélizaire Denounces Commission

On Monday, Deputy Arnel Bélizaire denounced the creation of a 9-member commission set to present a report on the arrest of himself. Contrary to a report from Haiti Libre, this is what the deputy said, and also in the audio file:

"Today, I, Arnel Belizaire, Deputy of the 49th legislature, 6th circumscription of Delmas Tabarre, am speaking for myself as a deputy, and as I always say, the assembly is soveriegn..."

"The commission was set up while there was not an assembly. Today, we are still on vacation. There is an urgency to handle the crisis. Okay, we will handle the crisis, but we don't see the necessity for the commission."

"When a commission is created is when there is a known proof of justification, and we are looking to shed some light, and at that time there is a necessity to have a commission."

"Regarding the case of the arrest of Arnel Belizaire there is not a necessity for a commission... because there was a resolution made. When we return on the 2nd of the month of January, we return to the National Assembly to debate this resolution; if they will open it further or decide to close it..."

"I think for myself, it's on the resolution that my colleagues should focus, and not on a commission... a commission for what? To shed light that Arnel Belizaire was arrested?"

A reporter asks Belizaire if he thinks that the population knows everyone who is involved in the case. The deputy responds:

"By the grace of God, there is a group of grown men and women in Parliament. All things are clear ... there is a case that has been mounted; which is poorly fitted by the Executive. They know that they are directly involved...

"Today, the issues that we are faced with is will we take measures against them or will we not take them?"

"Will we advance against the derivation from the President of the Republic and will we have the courage to indict him, or do we not want the country to fall into trouble?"

"We will tell the nation: this is what we are supposed to do; ... but because we can not let them suffer, .... because we are leaders, servants;... we will seek a compromise out of court for the benefit of the Haitian people..."

"I will not oppose the position that the Assembly will take... we await the opening of Parliament to see how we're going to respond ... "

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