Tuesday, December 27, 2011


(Defend Haiti) - By BFF/JMD Radio Kiskeya ..

PORT-AU-PRINCE - Haitian police released a 10-year old boy, Karl Friedrich Michael, from kidnappers on Monday morning after being kidnapped from his residence on Morne Calvaire (Petion Ville) on Christmas Eve.

The boy was found safe and sound in a camp for internally displaced persons located in the district of JuvĂ©nat in Petion Ville. Previously, police had focused their efforts on the area of ​​"Chechnya", in Petion Ville. The child was immediately returned to his parents.

The Secretary of State for Public Security, Reginald Delva, who confirmed the information to Radio Kiskeya , congratulated the police because of the delicacy of the operation that had to be conducted. He pointed out that because he was a child, other important operations had to be temporarily interrupted for more research.

Several people were arrested, including a prison escapee, said Reginald Delva. In addition to that, individuals who were sentenced by the courts are involved in the case. Other members of the gang of kidnappers are sought, says Delva, congratulating the people for assistance.

The phenomenon of kidnapping was a marked upsurge in Port-au-Prince in mid-November, and had experienced some decline from the second week of December, especially after the operation by police of "Operation Dragon" against banditry.

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