Monday, December 26, 2011

photos - encounter with a killer

After a successful few days of teaching seminars and a merry christmas we took Phil and Roslyn for a trip driving by the coast up to Archaie. On the way back, near Ti-Tanyan we stopped to get a close-up by a resort club that isn't popular with the foreigners. It is more in a natural setting. It is in the area of a marina and Manu and Yvens, pictured here are sitting on the boat ramp.
Here are a couple of the locals getting ready to go fishing. No need for a boat ramp for them :)
The "Scarab" is the boat located above the boat ramp. Amos and Erol are pretending to drive it :)While I walked with the visitors along the shoreline, Amos, Johnny and Erol talked with a couple of men who were in the area. They asked them a bunch of questions about us and Amos and Erol. The man told them that he knew them and asked if they knew who he was. Erol then realized who he was and told him that he was a guy who used to live in the Cite Aux Cayes neighborhood. Erol couldn't talk with Amos and Johnny about who this man was, so he sent a text message and sent it to Amos to tell him that he was the killer of Ana Julie and her cousin. Ana Julie used to be the kindergarten teacher at our school program in 2007. She was shot and killed in her home in a breakin. The killers were apprehended and placed into the penitentiary. After the earthquake all the prisoners escaped from the Port-au-Prince penitentiary. When I came back to the truck with the visitors this man asked me if I had brought him anything and I told him no. I didn't recognize who he was. We then all boarded Kimosabee and headed back to Port-au-Prince. When we arrived back at home the guys told me that the man we had met at the boat launch was the killer of Ana Julie. We discussed about telling the police the location of where this escaped prisoner was but the guys asked me not to. I don't blame them. There is not a good justice system here in Haiti. The area where this killer is in is an isolated area. He is part of a gang. If he gets apprehended he will know who is responsible for it and will take revenge. Pray for the soul of this man. There is no good justice system in Haiti yet, but this man will one day have to give an account of his life to the Lord.

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