Monday, October 31, 2011

photos - various part 4

This is sort of my mixed up picture post. Follow it by parts. Part 4 is listed first but should really be last in the flow of things. I had to make some adjustments and then had trouble with the internet system. It sure is good that we have a back-up plan for moments like these.

It is so nice to see green vegetation and growth. If the whole country could only be like that.
We passed this modern structure built after the earthquake. An elderly woman is walking balancing a small load on her head.
Another feature of green growth is this roadside tropical nursery. We didn't have time to stop and look at all the different tropical plants
Near the temporary homes/banana patch is a series of toilets.
These temporary homes are newly built and the landscaping/finishing touches haven't been done yet. There is hope for Haiti and some rebuilding is happening. Not in comparison to all those living in the camps but it shows a country recovering little by little and hopefully recover in a better way. Pray for the Haitian government and their huge task of leading the rebuilding effort and pray also for cooperation amongst all the many organizations who are working to rebuild Haiti better.

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