Saturday, October 22, 2011


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Yesterday the acting Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, Mr. Félix Léger sent a letter to Sorel Jacinthe, President of the Chamber of Deputies, informing him of his intention to reassess the case of a deputy, who according to an inquest that has been made, is the subject of legal proceedings.

Mr. Léger gave some explanation and confirmed that this correspondence was sent "...indeed there is a correspondence that was sent to the Chamber of Deputies, to inform the President of the Chamber of Deputies, that according to the research that we have done at the national penitentiary, the prosecutor, the office of the prosecutor, and the court of first instance of Port-au-Prince; that there is a member among them, who is the subject of legal proceedings. It is information, that we have made aware... [...] the procedure will move forward [...] justice will make its way in this case [...] we have informed them of what we have in our hands, its' progression, and also what happened." The Government Commissioner clarified that he expected an answer "to begin the process."

To the question of knowing if the "member" in question is Arnel Bélizaire, whose name and photo has been widely circulated on the Internet, Mr. Léger declared without specifying, .... "not only is it a personality,... the information is there. I found it in the archives. It is not just for this case that we are working [...] It is a mammoth task that we do, because do not forget, that there are escapees from prison in the streets... [...] now the justice [...] will ask all the authorities what they have as information in their archives, and it will take all legal provisions to ensure that justice make its way."

Mr. Léger also indicated that from the answers that he will receive "we will take appropriate action" so that all those who have escaped can return. But, he said,... "it's not just this case. There are other cases. The Government Commissioner informs that the prosecutor of Port-au-Prince is currently reviewing the records that do not appear normal and the records of all persons subject to legal proceedings, and that the documents that are not prescribed must be activated. He stated that the record of each escapee from prison will be re-evaluated, so that "justice makes its way", and strengthens a fundamental aspect,... the question of the rule of law.

Guy Gérard Georges, the first Secretary of the Bureau of the lower house on his part confirms that "...we received a letter from the acting Commissioner of the Government, Mr. Félix. It is a letter addressed to the Chamber of Deputies", adding that the Chamber of Deputies is not in ordinary or extraordinary session, and that the President of the Lower House, Sorel Jacinthe must communicate this letter by Monday not only to the Bureau, but to the presidents of the commissions. Deputy Georges states that "for now the Chamber of Deputies can not rule on a case since the extraordinary session is complete. We have not been convened into another special session and we will have to wait probably until the second Monday of January for another session,... a regular session."

Regarding the contents of the letter, the deputy does not give too much detail, because it has not been officially communicated to members of the Bureau. "The letter referred to a colleague deputy, according to the government commissioner, who was imprisoned and who, according to him "took to his heels during the past years...For now I can not officially name the deputy,..." The first Secretary indicated that in the coming days a response will be made ​​to Mr. Léger. "I am sure that in the coming days he will receive a reply from the Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies..."

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