Wednesday, October 26, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

Hervé Denis, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti (CCIH) believes that "even if it's just to respect our ancestors, I think that the army, is an inseparable institution, linked to the founding of the Haitian State [...] I believe that this army could be intended for reconstruction tasks, and for civic tasks. I think it would be a step forward [...] what creates a problem, is that people are still thinking,.... because some people, with reasons, have a memory of the abuses that they have suffered. But, if we create as I hope, a modern army, it will be necessary at all cost, that the army is respectful of human rights and is modern..."

For his part, Frantz Liautaud, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Haitian-Canadian (CCIHC) indicated, "you know, it's a constitutional provision. I do not think that we can find a Haitian who does not think that we need an armed force in the country, even if it is only for national sovereignty. Do we have the means for this policy? It's another thing, but the Constitution asks us, ... we must find the means. That said, .... personally, I think that, yes every country needs a military force that guarantees its sovereignty. How will we do it? We'll have to determine this... the security for the moment, is provided by foreign forces. It's nonsense. We'll have to roll up our sleeves. We should prepare ourselves for a long time for the withdrawal of UN forces who have a role to play. They have effectively stabilized the country, we must recognize this. Now we must take our destiny in our hands and we must put ourselves into a position where we can ensure our security ourselves [...]

...the armed forces around the world have philosophies and they are not altar boys. These are people that fire first and think later. This is not the best part, the best image that we have of an army; but their primary role, is a role of protection for the national sovereignty of a country...

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