Monday, October 31, 2011


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The road network is the main means of transportation in Haiti, but also one of the most dangerous and costly in human lives. Errors due to the negligence of drivers, vehicle defects, coupled with environmental conditions, the precarious of the infrastructure and the lack of signs causes countless traffic accidents.

To eradicate this scourge, it's necessary to have concerted action from various sectors involved in the management of roads; drivers, pedestrians and all road users. Such an undertaking must normally be spread over the short, medium and long term.

In addition to the remedies, the problem of traffic requires constant awareness so that people can have a better attitude for their own interest and that of their families. The aggressive behavior of individuals must be systematically discouraged.

That's why last Friday, the National Police of Haiti (PNH), supported by the component of the United Nations Police has launched an awareness campaign on road safety.

Gary Desrosiers, Deputy Spokesman of the Haiti National Police made ​​an inventory for the years 2010 and 2011 "...the police Friday have officially launched a road safety campaign [...] the circulation service has recorded many cases with victims and injuries. In 2010 there were 3,566 people who were victims of a traffic accident, 122 with fatalities, 804 with physical damage, 11 with material damage, 2,629 between vehicles. [...]

This year from February to September the police recorded 2,724 people who were victims of traffic accidents, including 101 with loss of life ... the year is not yet finished ... it is usually towards the end of the year that the accidents are repeated. Already and I do not wish it, we realized that we could overcome the 122 of 2010 ... 553 with physical damage, 16 with material damage, between vehicles 2,054..."

"The campaign will last six months because it's a comprehensive education program. It will appear in the media, in commercials, on posters, billboards and also on the Internet..." specified the Spokesman of the HNP. The objectives of this campaign are among others, to improve the knowledge of the population in terms of road safety, and to bring the motorcyclists to be aware of the vulnerability of a two-wheeled motor vehicle, and to encourage a responsible behavior.

The themes will be road safety for schoolchildren, vehicle overloading, speeding, the wearing of safety helmets for motorcycles, the use of seat belts, and the use of mobile phones while driving. This campaign targets car and trucks drivers, motorcycles drivers, passengers, pedestrians and school children, but also the transport associations, driving schools and the service of road signs.

Minustah is also supporting the campaign by the production of awareness products to the service of the PNH for this campaign.

"We know that the road is dangerous and we must be careful in respecting the rules of the road, of the school zones and we will all benefit by adopting safe driving habits."

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