Friday, October 21, 2011


Benji's mother came in to Port-au-Prince with him a couple of weeks ago. He had developed a post-op complication with his shunt. The shunt somehow ended up protruding from his anus, which is a major complication. He stayed here at Coram Deo overnight until a bed was available at Bernard Mevs. Amos brings food to the hospital for Benji's mother while she sits by his crib. He needed a blood transfusion and had the shunt removed and now is healing from his post-op complication. Hopefully, the neurosurgery team that is arriving next week will be able to help him with another surgery. Pray for the Bernard Mevs/Project Medishare Hospital. They deal well with the post-op complications. Other hospitals in Haiti turn these children away. It is sort of strange coming into a hospital with a hydrocephalus child and being told to "take the child away, we don't help children like these". I can take a breath of relief and control my anger better when I go to Bernard Mevs Hospital. They take care of these children well and treat them as any other child. Pray for all the hydrocephalus children in Haiti.
Pastor Marcelin is helping us this year with our christian education program at our school. Today's first lesson was from Genesis. No better place to start than "in the beginning" :)
The students listened attentively and answered the questions that he asked.
He used some visual aids to bring across his message. Pray for Pastor Marcelin and the teachers as they instruct the children on the love of Christ.
Today the medical team traveled to Croix des Missions to consult children at an orphanage run by Pastor Senord and treat people living in the community. The orphanage is near the Ministry of Agriculture site. It is a beautiful area there with some banana plantations. Their last clinic day will be a half day here at Coram Deo.

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