Monday, October 31, 2011

photoa - various - part 1

There is a national holiday coming up tomorrow where people go and visit the graveyards and leave offerings to keep the spirits happy. There used to be a government building on this site but the building was destroyed during the earthquake. The rubble has been removed and now the government uses the site as a disposal yard for government vehicles.
Maintenance of vehicles is one of the big problems the government has. Many times you see yards of broken vehicles. These vehicles have been stripped of parts and will probably be sent to the scrap metal dealer and shipped to China I think.
The UN launched Operation Hope on some of the streets of Port-au-Prince. We were driving through the Bel-Air area and saw lots of soldiers on foot. It was a surprising thing to see. The Haitian people behind these soldiers are laughing at them I think because they are in full battle gear.
The press said that 7 people were arrested and some of them were escapees from the penitentiary. We saw one of the arrests that were made. A man was lying on the ground. Now I know why.
It was funny watching the UN play traffic cop!

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