Wednesday, October 26, 2011

photos - clinic - part 5

A lot of children were seen by the medical team too. This group of parents have already passed the registration table and is waiting their turn to see Dr. Karen

The parents enjoy getting a helping hand for their children.
Millot helped out by translating for Dr. Karen. He is an excellent translator. Last night Amos and him made a hospital run to the cholera treatment center with a family member of his. When cholera hit his family, Millot knew what to do. Translating for the doctor or helping in pharmacy helps the haitian workers who help out learn what needs to be done.
Uncontrolled blood pressure is a big problem here in Haiti. The team always comes with lots of blood pressure medicine. Pray for the teams that come to Haiti, that people will donate medicines to them and for the people that receive the help.
This young man had a badly infected lower leg and did not want to get an antibiotic injection. There is a fire amongst men in Haiti that an injection will make them sterile. One of his friends happened to be the translator and we finally talked him into accepting the injection!

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