Saturday, October 22, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

Pierre Louis Opont, the Director General of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) confirmed that Gaillot Dorsainvil [subject of numerous allegations of fraud and corruption, following the opaque publication of election results] was back in his office for the last two weeks [!] after months of absence...

A return in all discretion... In all likelihood, and under all reserves, ... the President of the CEP, had to have received a favorable court decision, ... making him free to move. We deplore the lack of transparency and communication of the Government in this matter that directly affects our democracy in Haiti. The people would like to know if the charges have been abandoned against the members of the CEP, if the investigation is terminated or continues, and on which elements and conditions, that justice was based allowing for Gaillot Dorsainvil to continue in his activities normally...

Pierre Louis Opont explained, without making any real clarification in this matter taht "there was trouble with the justice. There was a warrant against members of the Council [...], who could not come to work during this period. But two weeks ago, there was a return to normal, because the four councilors are now available [...]"

The Chief Executive indicated that he had no information on the arrest warrant issued against Gaillot Dorsainvil for several reasons. "First, it was a matter of justice. It's a thing that concerns the President and the lawyers in charge of defending him. Secondly, I always try to stand outside of the things that concern the advisers directly, ... so I can not answer about the nature of legal disputes between the advisers and the Haitian justice [...]

If I said that the lack of advisers has not hampered the functioning of the Board, I should also say that advisers are not necessary for the Council. For me, there is a quantity of work that should have been done and was not done because of their unavailability [...]

[...] today the Council is facing a certain fragility, because the Electoral Council as an institution [...] has not the national representation that it should have and even in our relations with other institutions, we feel that the CEP has no credibility to negotiate with our partners..."

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