Saturday, October 22, 2011


The 6 people who attended the Timothy Leadership Training seminars stayed overnight here at Coram Deo. Pastor Valery is missing from this photo. He is the pastor that is from Belladere. Last evening all 6 were all fired up with enthusiasm from what they had learned. They were happy to be able to participate in the leadership seminars. This morning they led the devotions for the last day of medical clinics.
The clinic turned into a church service. With about 150 people in the yard the crowd was large enough to qualify. The singing was great to hear. Everyone eagerly participated. I took video of the singing but the internet signal is so slow here in Haiti that I am not sure that I will be able to upload it. Pray for these 6 leaders that will now return to their communities and teach what they have learned.
The last day was also the most difficult day for contolling the barrier and access to the yard. Being the last day the community knew this was their last chance to be able to attend the clinic. Early in the morning was a large lineup outside the gate. Because of the pushing and shoving by everyone outside I was worried for the people at the front of the line,... that they would be squeezed by the crowd against the metal barrier. I went outside instead and got to practice some of my boxing out skills from basketball :)
It was sort of fun. We prioritized with the young infants and elderly first and then went on from there. You can see in this picture the large early morning crowd.
Here is the medical team picture with the translators and those who helped with crowd control. It was a fun "hakuna matada" series of clinics :) With one day in Gonaives, Croix Des Missions, and 3 clinic days here at Coram Deo, the medical team treated 1,300 people. It was a blessing to be a part of.
The team worked well together and interacted well too. Friendships were made and laughter and fellowship occurred. Pray for future clinics that will be held. That the same team bonding occurs between the foreign and Haitian participants. The bond that forms builds strength in the community.


Len said...

Thats awesome! Thank God for the Blessings of teaching in Haiti. May His Spirit continue in enriching the Hearts of those who hear the Truth. We are very excited and thankful for this new relationship with the Pastors and the Christian reformed missions willingness to provide further training for God's people.
Thank you God.

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you. How exciting it is to see such interest in learning and training about our God. God is good!!!!!!!