Tuesday, October 25, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aimé informed that the letter of invitation to the Prime Minister, Dr. Garry Conille and Mr Thierry Mayard Paul, the Minister of Interior, of Territorial Collectivities and National Defense, has already been sent to the President of the Senate, who will transmit this invitation to the Ministers concerned. "We need details of the rumors surrounding the implementation of the new army, "citing among other things the training sessions that are underway in several regions of the country...

Deputy Abel Descolines believed it to be founded, but premature, the approach of his Senate colleagues; saying that the first few weeks of work of a government, are generally devoted to obtaining knowledge of the issues.

Senator Youri Latortue, President of the Justice and Security Commission, stated that the invitation addressed to the Prime Minister and to the Minister of Interior, of Territorial Collectivities and National Defense at the initiative of Senator Jean Charles Moïse, and signed by five of his colleagues [Jean-Baptiste Bien-aimée, Nenel Cassy, Wesner Polycarpe, Joseph Joël John, and Pierre Francky Exius], fails to comply with the general rules of the Senate.

"...this invitation has not complied with the general rules of the Senate, which state that it is from the Commissions that parliamentarians can make invitations, and if they do not belong to a Commission, they can write to the President of the Commission or to the rapporteur of it, to make their request. At that time, the Commission shall consider the appropriateness of the request [...]

In this sense, Senator Moïse has done this again, because during the investigation of the election, he had tried to convene the Commissioner of the Government, with the signatures of some of his colleagues. I had stated to the senator,.... in a very nice manner, .... to tell him that it's the Justice, Defense and Security Commission, who must convene, and send to the President of the Senate, a letter...

Unfortunately, Senator Moïse does it again by trying to reconvene the Ministers, without going through the Commission. This really is not compliant with the rules [...] We asked Senator Joazile, to send the letter of these Senators to the Commission [...] From there, we will assess the appropriateness and the timing of the meeting. The [current] convocation can not be binding, since it was made informally [outside the norms].

Senators wrote to the President, while they should write to the Commission [...] A Commission can not address directly a Minister. There are rules that are in place and I recall that Senator Moïse has done it again [...] I think we can consider a mistake once, but to persist in error, .... it is diabolical.....

We are once again obliged to recall the Senators to order, to tell them that the procedure outlined by the regulations involves firstly, the Commission and secondly, the latter must write to the President of the Senate, and finally, it is the President of the Senate that sends out the invitations and convocations."

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