Wednesday, October 26, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

Some PNH officers visited the home of Mr. Gaillot Dorsainvil this weekend in Delmas to execute a warrant issued by the former Government Commissioner. Mr. Reynold Georges, the lawyer for Gaillot, yesterday denounced this action, that he assimilates to an arbitrary act, saying that his client has a court order issued by the court in chambers, according to which the warrant and the ban on leaving the country had been canceled. "It's a shame that a court order, lawfully issued and served, does not produce the effects that the law grants it" lamented Mr. Reynold Georges, who informs that all the provisions, authorized by the law in these types of circumstances will be taken.

"....the decision has been notified to the prosecutors and we have the advice of delivery, the decision was notified to Mario Andresol [Chief of Police Nationale d'Haiti], to the DCPJ, to the direction of Immigration and Emigration, and everyone knows.

I do not understand, that the Government Commissioner is ordered by law, not only to comply with court orders but also to enforce them, ... and now, I have a Commissioner who has a court decision and does not want to execute it.

The law gives a privilege,.... when a decision is given, you have the right to appeal. The appeal period is over. It is 8 clear days that are equal to 10 consecutive days. This decision has been in our hands for more than three weeks [...]

.... Justice is destroyed in the country. When a country has no justice, it's replaced by anarchy. We will continue to fight so that force remains in the law..." declared Me Reynold Georges.

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