Thursday, October 27, 2011


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Urgently requested delivery helps hundreds of expectant mothers in need

AmeriCares Haiti quickly responded to an urgent request from Izaie Jeanty Hospital, the largest public maternity hospital in Haiti, with a delivery of supplies to support expectant mothers in need of immediate medical care.

The team received an emergency call from Mr. Louimene, the hospital administrator, who explained that the hospital was running short on crucial medicines and supplies while trying to manage a large, unexpected influx of maternity patients.

“The maternity department of the government hospital in Port-au-Prince had temporarily closed, and because services at Izaie Jeanty are free, hundreds of pregnant women ready to deliver their babies walked, rode on motorcycles, crammed into local transport, or in some cases were carried to Izaie Jeanty,” said Jemps Civil, Program Associate at AmeriCares Haiti. “And because it was a Sunday, private pharmacies were closed and there was no way to quickly obtain the most needed item, Lactated Ringer IV solution.”

Within 24 hours, AmeriCares Haiti responded to this local stock emergency with a shipment including 840 units of Lactated Ringers injection, 60 laceration kits, 1,600 latex surgical gloves, assorted ringers, hand sanitizer and wipes.

“We don’t know what the hospital would do without that quick emergency response of AmeriCares. As usual they were open to give us assistance when the situation got complicated with an overloaded emergency room,” said Louimene.

AmeriCares Haiti has worked with Izaie Jeanty to serve expectant mothers and their babies since early 2011 with deliveries of cholera treatment and maternal health supplies. “The stock of IV solutions and other products provided by AmeriCares has served the cause of all women to receive equitable and quality health care,” said Mr. Louimene. “Hundreds of women have benefited.”

Ongoing Support

In addition to standing by to deliver needed medicines and supplies, AmeriCares plans to support Izaie Jeanty Hospital’s neonatal ward reconstruction by providing updated equipment to help the hospital continue to provide lifesaving care for expectant mothers and their babies.

Since January, 2010, AmeriCares has delivered over $48 million in aid to help Haiti earthquake survivors. Our work in Haiti began in 1984, delivering medicines and supplies to health care providers throughout the country. Those deep roots have enabled our Haiti team to navigate the challenging environment and overcome distribution issues in order to increase access to medicines for the Haitian people in both rural and urban areas.

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