Tuesday, November 1, 2011


(Defend Haiti) - By Sonny Lindo

PORT-AU-PRINCE - The President of the Republic, Michel Martelly, is eagerly awaited for in Port-au-Prince to explain his position in relation to the crisis between the executive and the parliament, who are still in shock after the arrest on Thursday .... of Deputy Arnel Bélizaire (Delmas & Tabarre/Veye-Yo).

On a medical trip to the United States since Thursday, Mr. Martelly, should make a speech aimed at defusing the crisis that some feel is regrettable, according to Signal FM , especially since the Haitian leader is responsible for the arrest of the member of parliament, despite the immunity prescribed in the constitution.

The Attorney General, Félix Léger, of Port-au-Prince, who had ordered the arrest, did so after a call from the Head of State, who asked the court to take action against "escaped convicts" who have taken refuge in parliament. A call that was made by President Martelly after an altercation at the National Palace with Bélizaire.

In response to the arrest, the Parliament adopted two resolutions. The Chamber of Deputies decided to no longer recognize the authority of the Ministers of Justice and Interior, Josue Pierre-Louis and Thierry Mayard-Paul. MPs have asked that both ministers, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Michel Brunache and the chief public prosecutor of Port-au-Prince, Felix Léger resign. Otherwise, they reserve the right to challenge them at the opening of Parliament scheduled for January.

The Chamber of Deputies is also seeking the formation of a commission to prosecute those responsible for "the abduction and subsequent sequestration" of Bélizaire.

Minister Josue Pierre-Louis could lose his job this week if he cannot convince senators to favor his actions in the case on Thursday, November 3.

A senate commission to verify the nationality of all members of the government including the president was also formed. Deputy Levaillant Louis Jeune (Dessalines-Desdunes/Inite) announced plans to build a case for the impeachment of the president.

The president left Haiti on the Thursday of the arrest and has not been heard from since. A bill of good health was not made before the president took office. Some sources say he may not return until Monday, November 7.

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