Saturday, November 5, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

Yesterday, on the sidelines of the interpellation session, related to the case of Deputy Arnel BĂ©lizaire, (session postponed [in principle] to tomorrow Saturday), Senator Joseph Lambert stated that decision had been taken to "go fast" in solidarity with his colleagues of the Chamber of Deputies, and that it's necessary to not enter into a logic "ofo cutting off heads, just for cutting heads," but the Senate must show that it is "an Assembly of the Wise..."; moderate statements that will surprise some observers, who will undoubtedly ask if the statements of Senator are part of a strategy, of a surge of wisdom, of a return to reason, or if they are motivated by the fear of an uncertain future...

"There are decisions that were taken in the Senate of the Republic, in a hurry, in a spirit of solidarity with the Chamber of Deputies. In the phase where we are now, minds have calmed down. This period of overflow is decreasing more and more. Now we see that it is imperative, before taking any action concerning the Minister of Justice or the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, that the other members of the CSPN [High Council of the National Police] are invited. I mean the Prime Minister, the Minister of Interior and the Director General of Police to establish the responsibilities of each of these personalities...

This is the ideal decision, because we can not in any way fight the arbitrarily by the arbitrary [...] Take for example the Secretary of State Mr. Brunache, who was not even invested into his functions of Secretary of State...., and who is supposed to undergo a decision of the Assembly of Senators. [...] Responsibilities will be set at all levels and, as stated by President Martelly, all those who are involved in one way or another in this case will have to to suffer sanctions, from the Assembly of Deputies or the Senate or even, sanctions that could come from the executive branch itself. [...]

We said that there is a set of people who have responsibilities in the country. Before perhaps "to cut off the heads", of Mr. Josué Pierre-Louis, it is imperative to question all the other people who at one level or another, may have a responsibility in this case. Once the responsibilities have been set, [...] we will be able to sanction the people that we are supposed to sanction in this case..."

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