Thursday, November 3, 2011

photos - paulna's village - part 6

The thundering herd of sheep raced to the watering hole to be able to get the first drink. They were thirsty sheep!
This hard working village survives in harsh conditions. In the distance a man is leading a cow.
The village even has their own "moonshine maker" :) It is broken now and needs a part. The moonshine is made from sugar cane.
This time of year everything is green! If it would only stay that way for the entire year. This meadow offers some grazing area for cattle.
This donkey has a home-made brand on his neck to signify who the owner is. We piled into Kimosabee and headed to Sous Zabette for everyone to cool off.

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Len said...

Thanks for the pictures Karen. I love the one of Amos and the sheep. Take Care.
God Bless.