Wednesday, November 2, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

Last week the Prime Minister, Dr. Garry Conille and Mr. Thierry Mayard Paul, the Minister of Interior, local authorities and national defense were supposed to appear in front of the Senate to give explanations on the new national security force, and certain rumors concerning the existence of training camps in some regions of the country, following a convocation requested by Senator Moïse Jean Charles with 5 of his colleagues.

This meeting has not taken place and was postponed for a week, pending the meeting, the National Coordination of Demobilized Military (CONAMID) made ​​statements about 2,500 young people who have received military training.

Sergeant Reginald Samedi explains "after all the training that we have given we have taught them military training, [...] we can say that our work is finished" adding that, "today we believe that all that remains to be done, is that the Minister of Defence must do it after the publication of the decree." Sergeant Reginald also explains that the training camps and the work they have done are not prohibited by the constitution.

The CONAMID also claims to be entered into talks with the government for the integration or not of its troops. "The CONAMID entered into talks with the government and especially with the Minister of Defence [...] to let him know that the CONAMID has done a tremendous job throughout the ten departments. We have trained about 2,500 young people. The defense minister has the right to decide that the CONAMID will not be integrated" into the new national security force, adding that "this does not worry us, because we work long enough and we continue to believe that our work is enormous, and even if we are not there, they will think of us in relation to the work that we have done... [...] The Minister knows that there are formations that are being given, and that we will arrange to provide him the list of young people who have been trained..."

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