Tuesday, November 8, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

The postponement to November 15 of the interpellation of Josué Pierre-Louis, Minister of Justice and of Michel Brunache, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and the creation of two Commissions responsible for drafting the reasons for the interpellation and investigate on the arrest of deputy Arnel Bélizaire, has obviously not pleased the deputies, who have strongly expressed their disappointment.

Frustrated, Deputy Danton Léger reproached the senators to not finish the session, throwing a warning against any desire to use the practice of "kase fèy kouvri sa" considering that the harm is irreversible; without excluding the possibility of the indictment of the Head of State if his involvement is proven.

Deputy Levaillant Louis Jeune said that he was disappointed to have attended to "a comedy in the Senate". He assimilates the approaches of the senators as "a big joke", aiming to avoid penalizing members of the government involved in the Belizaire case"... I want to inform the senators that the Chamber of Deputies, the deputies in general have not asked the senators to do anything for them. Demagoguery that has been made in the Senate of the Republic, is intended to bury the Haitian Parliament and strengthen the personal power of President Michel Martelly. The Senators took an entire day to exit without a vote. They created a Commission to supposedly investigate who is responsible, while they knew perfectly well, because they were in contact with the entire government,... that it is President Martelly, Josué Pierre-Louis ..., all these people are fully implicated in the Belizaire case.

I have a message to send especially to Senator Lambert, the coordinator of INITE. I told the Senator: all good generals ensures all the time, to have the confidence and the control of his troops. I asked Senator Lambert if after the acts that have been posed Saturday, if he has the guarantee that he has the troops behind him?"

Deputy Eloune Doréus expressed surprise that Saturday's meeting did not end on a vote of confidence or a censure motion, urging the senators to not tergiviserate on an issue as important as that ot the arrest of a deputy in office.

Deputy Pierre Matin Tatoute estimates for his part "that the Senate is processing the file with lightness," warning that the Chamber of Deputies is preparing to give in January, "a proportionaland historic response to the government..."

Deputy Jean Tolbert Alexis, disapproved the formation of commissions of inquiry by the great body and rejects the formation of the Independent Investigation Commission of the Government, recalling that the only real Commission should be formed by the Chamber of Deputies; the only body empowered to make the indictment of senior officials.

Other deputies think that the change in the original decision, of some senators, is linked to the fact that they are at the end of their mandate and that they think first of their re-election...

Note that last Saturday, during the convocation session of the Supreme Council of the National Police (CSPN), the Prime Minister, Dr. Garry Conille, informed that measures had been taken against Mr. Félix Léger, the Government Commissioner, pending the results of the administrative commission of inquiry, responsible for determining the Commissioner's role in the arrest of Deputy Bélizaire.

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