Friday, November 4, 2011


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PORT-AU-PRINCE "President Michel Martelly is author and coauthor of the sequestration of the member Arnel Bélizaire. Ministers Joshua Pierre-Louis and Thierry Mayard-Paul are just performers," said Deputy Sorel Jacinthe (Moron Chamberllan/Inite), President of the Chamber of Deputies.

In an article published in Le Nouvelliste, the president of the Lower House is reported as being outraged by the comments of the Head of State, who denied on Thursday any involvement in the brief detention of the member Arnel Bélizaire (Delmas & Tabarre/Veye-Yo).

"Martelly can say that he was badly advised in handling the case, but that he is not involved in the imprisonment of fellow Bélizaire is lying to the nation," Jacinthe said at the end of a mass celebration in Ennery at Saint-Hubert, in the town of Upper Artibonite.

The President, as a human, can make mistakes, but to not admit mistakes is very serious, said the President of the Chamber of Deputies, annoyed by the air about Martelly claiming that the president has nothing to do with what happened, or even remotely.

"The Haitian people have made ​​a bad choice. They chose a monster," Sorel Jacinthe continued in anger, reported the newspaper.

The Lower House no longer recognizes the authority of the Ministers of Justice, Josue Pierre-Louis, and of the Interior, Local Territorial and National Defense, Thierry Mayard Paul, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Michel Brunache, and the chief prosecutor in Port-au-Prince, Félix Léger.

The Lower House will be back in session in January. Deputies promise a vote of no-confidence to the relevant authorities if they do not resign.

MP Eloune Doréus (Môle Saint Nicolas/Alternative), who also serves Ennery, described the statement of President Martelly, at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport in an arm sling as shocking. "Martelly is involved in ... 100% of the sequestration of Arnel Belizaire. And it is extremely serious....," lamented the parliamentary board member of the Organization of Struggling People (OPL).

The president is ridiculing the Parliament and the people of Haiti, she said, when the President stands for an arbitrary act he himself commanded.

"An independent commission to do what?" asked Doréus, who does not take seriously the declaration of the Head of State to have Prime Minister Garry Conille investigate as head of the commission.

At the foot of the aircraft, he said, Deputy Arnel Belizaire was kidnapped as a common bandit on the orders of the government commissioner, following an altercation between the Head of State and the Parliament.

Taken to the National Penitentiary, the same evening, Mr. Belizaire was released the next day without being questioned. The Commissioner Félix Léger, whose authority is questioned by Parliament, was taken off the case and transferred to the office of education. A few hours after the press conference of President Martelly, MP Belizaire received a summons from Judge Bernard Saint-Vil. The member has to go on the morning of November 8 to the office of the court house on charges of forgery, fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy, according to the convening Judge Saint-Vil.

In the notice, the judge did not question the status of member Arnel Belizaire...

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