Tuesday, November 1, 2011


(Defend Haiti) - By Samuel Maxime

PORT-AU-PRINCE - On Monday, the leader of the Alternative Party expressed his opposition to a senate resolution to verify the nationality of members of the Martelly-Conille government and gave advice for the President to quell the political climate when he returns.

A former Mayor of Port-au-Prince, Evans Paul is on the side of ending the political battle between the branches of government. Paul opposes the senate commission, led by Senator Moïse Jean-Charles (Nord/Inite), that was formed to verify the nationality of members of the executive. Paul said:

"... it's the same thing that happened with Deputy Belizaire. The justice says he had no problems with justice,... he becomes a deputy, and it is at this time they are going over things that he did before."

"Today the parliament is in a terrible position to go and say that there are people in the executive who hold other nationalities, because it is them who gave these people mandates to become prime minister, minister, and secretary of state."

"The people don't want these kind of confrontations."

"Instead let's look at what we can do to get the people out from under the tents, let's see what resolutions we can pass so that more young men can find work to do, let's look at what we can do to reinforce security so that kidnapping can end in this country..."

"It is these things that are the roles of deputies, senators and the president. This is why the people have given them mandates. It is not to come and fight amongst each other."

Advice for President Martelly when he Returns

Evans Paul is also concerned that the Head of State, President Michel Martelly, may add fuel to the fire when he returns from the United States, having left the country on Thursday.

"The understanding about Mr. Michel Martelly, President Martelly, is that he is someone impulsive and sometimes violent;... I mean violent in his language. For myself, I would hope that he measures what he will say at the airport, so that he does not aggravate things."

"Out of all the authorities, it is him that needs peace because if there is peace in the country, it is much better for President Martelly."

"It should not be him provoking confrontations and provoking war. War won't take us anywhere."

"For me, if I were President Martelly, when I arrive at the airport I would talk about what I just did overseas,... I would not talk about what just happened in the country."

"I would say, 'I wasn't here, .... I must consult my colleagues...' because anything he says can work against him."

The Director for Alternative, none-the-less, condemned the actions of the executives in the arrest of Deputy Arnel Bélizaire (Delmas & Tabarre/Veye-Yo) at the airport. He finds that the arrest was unconstitutional, although agreeing that the record of Bélizaire is as the executive says, 'criminal'.

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