Thursday, November 3, 2011

photos - paulna's village - part 4

The mother of this young girl came up to us and requested us to take her photo. I will print out a copy for her and bring it to her the next time we visit the village.
These young men were removing the thin plastic strands that make up a rice sack. Tedious work. All this to make rope for their animals. I wanted to take a picture of them removing the strands from the sac but they didn't want too. I took a back view instead and they ducked. It was funny. It was okay. They were playing games and some of them are relatives of Paulna's
The children had no school on Nov. 1 so we ended up with quite the following after awhile.
After visiting Dieudelemy's home (she wasn't there) we turned back down the path. This woman is heading back from the water source in the village balancing a bucket of water on her head.
There was a lot of concern from the children when Holly brushed up against a thorn brush that caused her to bleed from a scratch. Curious children crowded in to watch.

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