Thursday, November 3, 2011

photos - paulna's village - part 2

We always bring some goodies for the children. It is easier when Paulna hands them out. She is a tough girl and doesn't hesitate to tell people off.
We brought some medicines with us too. The village is a poor one and parents often can not afford to bring their sick child to the doctor. The mother in this picture asked for some medicine for her girl.
She was burnt by hot water on a finger and toe. It was infected and was giving her fevers. We had some antibiotic cream and hopefully this will help some. We told the mother if it gets worse to go to a mission medical clinic at Love a Child in Fond Parisien.
This mother too called us over for medicine as well. There are a lot of fevers and colds going on right now.
This young girl was peeking at us over a wooden gate. This is a cute photo

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