Tuesday, November 8, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

The Prime Minister, Dr. Garry Conille, announced yesterday, Monday that the Government intends in the coming days, to hold a retreat of two days; to establish a clear agenda of its commitments, which will be presented to the public before the end of this month.

"we gave three tasks to members of the government. The first task is to do an inventory, understand what they found, the challenges and the opportunities, to understand what projects are underway, what resources we have and what we do not have, what every member of the government is doing. This is a very efficient and fast manner, ...., to be able to reflect on what we will do in the next 12 months.

....We will announce to the public .... how this project will begin, how it will end and the inventory list of the activities that will serve as a dashboard; both to the President of the Republic, to the Parliament and to the public, to keep us accountable for the promises we make [...] to be able to tell everyone, that, for example, the reconstruction of the airport will begin ...and and this is when it will end,... the reconstruction of the Parliament, roads, schools, health centers that have been promised, ... when these will begin, and when these will be completed.

With this dashboard, the public will be able to see if indeed the government is moving in the direction it should move forward. We also ask the international community, to do the same work; to give us quickly an exhaustive list of projects and programs that are underway and simultaneously we say to them our priorities for the next 12 months,.... to ensure us, that we work with cohesion towards the vision of the President of the Republic and the general policy statement that I presented to Parliament.

This is something that will be made in complete harmony with all sectors. We will obviously integrate the political sector within .... In the coming days I will form a Commission, which will work on how we can realize this pact...

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