Friday, November 4, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

According to parliamentary sources, the Bureau of the Lower House yesterday, Thursday received a summons from Judge Bernard Saint-Vil, [responsible for the instruction of the investigation], addressed to Deputy Arnel Bélizaire, asking him to appear at the Office of the investigating judge, on Tuesday, November 8, 2011, to answer the charges of forgery, criminal association and escape.

Some parliamentarians, [unfavorable to the lifting of the immunity of Deputy Délizaire], see in this action of justice, a diversionary tactic to try to demobilize both Houses, who seek to dismiss some ministers.

Others [favorable to Martelly Government, believe that this convocation, aims to the contrary, to demonstrate that the authorities control the situation, despite the pressures that they are subject to since the arrest followed by the release of Deputy Bélizaire.

For his part, the Government Commissioner, Mr. Félix Léger, accused by the Parliamentarians of having acted illegally in this case, has declared "...only a higher court or a tribunal can say that the Government Commissioner acted improperly.

As part of this case, simply, we have brought the person in question befoe its body, ie the Chamber of Deputies ...., so the prosecution is waiting, the justice is waiting.

Now it is for a court to decide, to determine after investigation, to say if a magistrate has acted badly in this case. Now we are in a normal situation. The magistrate as part of his mission, looked at a record and he has responded. Now it's up to a court to say if the actions have been legal or illegal...

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