Thursday, November 3, 2011

photos - paulna's village - part 3

This cactus was huge. In the arid ground of the village it seems that only cactii and thorn bushes can thrive in the desert-like environment.
We walked up the path to visit other families that we know.
Williamise is a growing girl. She is about 7 years now and can walk. Her father never allowed her to have surgery for hydrocephalus. Her head circumference isn't growing but her hair has gotten redder since the last time that we visited her. Orange hair is a marker for malnutrition. We had some vitamins and left them with her mother.
Williamise's younger sister is 2-years-old. She can stand up shakily but she doesn't have the strength to walk. She too has the orangey hair of malnutrition.
We gave her a package of some protein cookies and Williamise walked away from the other chldren who accompanied us. Pray for strength for the both of them.

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