Thursday, November 3, 2011

photos - paulna's village - part 1

On the afternoon of Nov. 1 we heard a rara band and crowd heading up Delmas 31. Manu beat me out the gate. He is a ball of energy and ran to the corner to look at the crowd.
Visiting Paulna's village was also part of our plans for Nov. 1st. There is no shade and it seems hotter than Port-au-Prince out here.
Paulna's mother was busy grinding "l'huile mesquitie", which is a plant that is ground and then boiled for its oil. The Haitian people use it for their hair. Paulna's family grows it in their garden. They can also sell the finished oil product to others.
Amos is a "city slicker" and Paulna' mother was explaining to him the process of extracting the oil.
Paulna' family has 2 homes along with a stall for the family horse and donkey

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