Saturday, May 7, 2011

photos - various - part 6

This is the Natcom head office on Pont Morin. This building of several stories survived the earthquake. The damage has been repaired and the vietnamese have invested 100 million $ of improvements. They are installing fibre optic lines with the goal of offering telephone, cable, internet service. A big step up for Haiti if they can get past the strike.

Target date for upgrades was June 2011. I think it will be pushed further back because of the strike. The riot police were keeping an eye at the headquarters.

The workers are on strike and are determined to stay out until the 36 month arrears are paid. Pray for an end to the strike, that vandalism doesn't occur to the new lines that have been put in place and that Haiti can move forward.

Right now the police have their work cut out for them, babysitting the telephone building sites across the city.

I read a banner that was hanging over one of the roads we were driving on. Translated it reads "Love one another; without violence, with dialogue". Pray that everyone reads this banner and uses discussion instead of violence to handle the many problems here in Haiti.

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