Saturday, May 7, 2011

photos - various - part 3

These 2 young boys are students here at Coram Deo. Calens on the left now lives here after his mother died during childbirth a month ago. Dieubon who's name translated into english is "God is Good" spends his days here and goes home in the evenings. He enjoys playing in the yard and is our youngest school member!

While I was in Canada for a week Kimosabee got some work done to him. The day I left for Canada the mechanic came by and removed all the seats and took them to be reupholstered. The drivers seat was the worst. The material was ripped and the foam was starting to break off. Pretty soon I would have had to improvise and use a plastic chair or something as a seat. Getting it reuphostered was the best option!

The upholsterers worked hard and did all the seats and the seats were reinstalled the evening before I got back to Haiti. Whoever did the reupholstering did a great job. Now I can ride in Kimosabee in comfort!

Driving near Gerard Bataille on Delmas 33 the other day we were driving behind an interesting truck. On the back, translated it reads. The President of Haiti's Mobile Kitchen. I had never heard of a mobile kitchen program in Haiti. According to the writing on the truck it is sponsored by the Dominican Republic.

A mobile kitchen is a good idea. I haven't seen it in action and this is the only truck I have seen. Maybe it is something new. There are a lot of hungry children in Haiti. Hopefully there will be many mobile trucks helping to provide children with a plate of food.

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