Tuesday, May 17, 2011

photos - inauguration day - part 1

Saturday May 14th was a special day in Haiti. It was inauguration day for the newly elected president Michel Martelly. Our neighborhood was quiet that day. We were busy organizing a medical clinic that Dr. Karen McCarthy and her team from Florida held. This Martelly fan painted his head in shades of pink and white.

His friend sitting on the motorcycle had the same style! They drove off together on the motorcycle. They reminded me of professional wrestlers that you see on tv from the WWF.

Signs proclaiming "Victory for the People"! were posted throughout the city. The Haitian people made the CEP accountable to the people's electoral choice. Democracy in action!

Other signs that we saw stated "Haiti let's look ahead!" Michel Martelly is determined to bring change to the country.

As inauguration day approached workers took to the streets and cleaned them up. Here is a group of Martelly supporters cleaning and painting a section along Rue Pan American.

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