Saturday, May 7, 2011

photos - various - part 5

It is good to see recycling of rubble too. Some of the rubble comes in the form of wood. This pickup truck that we followed behind brought the wood to a dry cleaner. A lot of dry cleaners here in Haiti use wood fuel to power their presses. We kept our distance behind this vehicle because every now and then a piece of wood would fall off.

Every time we go up Delmas 40B we pass this squashed vehicle from the day of the earthquake at the side of the road. It hasn't moved from the side of the street since the day of the earthquake. Hopefully one day this care will be hauled off to the scrap yard.

One of the challenges that the new president Michel Martelly will have is helping to resove the strike at the Natcom telephone company. The strike is now 3 weeks old. "Grev" is the creole word for strike and it is spray painted on the wall of the office in the Delmas 41 area. They are striking in support of those workers who were fired after Aristide left office in 2004. These fired workers were referred to as "ghost workers". The ghost workers were people who received pay cheques who never worked at the telephone company. A year or so ago the state telephone company was 60% privatized to a Vietnamese company and the name has been changed from Teleco toNatcom.

The gates are closed and barbed wire in place to protect the building from being vandalized. Security was in the yard and police standing out front.

All the employees of the company are on strike for the "ghost workers". This spray painted sign on the wall "back pay 36 months, we don't see it"

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