Saturday, May 7, 2011



To try to resolve the post election crisis, the outgoing President, René Préval and the President-elect, Michel Martelly met on Friday morning with the members of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). Préval and Martelly asked the electoral advisers to publish before Monday, the results for the 19 seats contested in the publication of the final results of parliamentary elections (17 Deputies and 2 Senators).

A few hours after that meeting the CEP announced the establishment of the Special National Electoral Complaints and Challenges Bureau (BCEN) as suggested last Thursday by Gaillot Dorsinvil "It's a proposal that I made ​​to create a Commission that would have 3 lawyers and 2 counselors to form a panel of judges; in order to conduct an audit at the Vote Tabulation Center (CTV) for the 19 contested cases, ie, the 17 deputies and two senators, so that this Commission can see [...] if indeed all these cases have been well tried and produce its conclusions and deliver them to the Council. [...] this Special Commission [...] will take the documents, all records, re-analyze them, make audits at the CTV and produce another report or to make what is called a Retry."

This Special BCEN, is composed of three advisors of the CEP appointed by consensus (Laurette Croyance, Ribel et Antenor Pierre Guerrier) and two lawyers. According to our sources, a delegation of the joint OAS/CARICOM Electoral Observation Mission (JEOM) will be present to observe the work of this Special BCEN.

Unless there is a last-minute surprise, the Special BCEN should in principle confirm the investigations of the JEOM and legally formalize the results as recommended in the report of experts of the electoral Verification Mission. Recall that the JEOM has no authority to change the disputed results. Its' role after its investigations, is limited to publish and document its findings and recommendations.

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