Saturday, May 7, 2011

photos - various - part 2

Yonel's wife and youngest child came by to visit after I returned back to Haiti. They are both doing well.

Their daughters name is Tanya Jr., after my sister Tanya. It was good to see how healthy and strong she is.

The mother holding this child came to the house asking for a place to take her daughter. She didn't want to keep it and said that she already had 4 other children at home to look after. The baby was 12 days old when this photo was taken.

Removing the towel covering the baby showed that this baby had clubbed feet. I told her that clubbed feet could be reversed but she said she didn't want the baby. We brought the mother and baby over to H.I.S. Home for Children which is an orphanage. We met with Chris and she took the baby in that day.

The left foot will be easier to correct. The right foot will need to be operated on. It is severely clubbed/bent downwards. Chris will try to get a medical visa to get the feet surgically corrected. Pray for the efforts of the staff of H.I.S. Home for Children. Without medical care this child would not be able to walk. Now she has the opportunity to get medical care and possibly be adopted as well.

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D & G said...

Hi Karen
I was remembering the baby in the tent camp you took me to see in Feb. with the clubbed feet- how cool you can partner with HIS HOME to help this baby! Blessings to you!
Geoff Van Berkel