Saturday, May 7, 2011

photos - various - part 1

We went through some clothes a few weeks ago and there was this jacket that Benson liked. He started wearing it to school. I asked him why and he says that in the morning it is cooler. For a while I thought that maybe he was sick because it is pretty warm in the morning right now. I think he just liked wearing the jacket!

I encourage the children to be constructive and to problem solve. Instead of going out and buying a kite the children design and make their own. Here is a model that Manu designed. They actually fly pretty good.

The boy next to Manu is his best friend Kelly. They are both in Grade 5 at Christian Light Ministries.

In April was Yvens Cherisier's 16th birthday! He's a good young man and is responsible.

To celebrate his birthday we went out to Epi D'or for a burger and fries.

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