Monday, May 30, 2011

photos - scanner celebrities - part 12

The president gave a speech about the new cat scan machine and what it means for Haiti.

He spoke well. Dr. Barth Green, standing to the right of Wyclef Jean is an excellent neurosurgeon. He operated on Corey Hart, who is a Canadian singer. Corey Hart will be doing fundraising for Project Medishare. He is planning on visiting Haiti. I want to make sure I am at the hospital the day he visits, to try and get a photo with him.

Tet Kale looks very animated in this photo.

He is determined to see the country improve.

And acknowledged the work of all the foreigners who come to the hospital to help it run 24 hours a day. In this photo Michel Martelly is addressing and thanking Dr. Barth Green and Proect Medishare for their contributions to Haiti.

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