Tuesday, May 24, 2011

photos - scanner dedication - part 4

There were quite a few journalists gathered at the site that day. Here are a couple of dignitaries explaining the importance of this new cat scan for Haiti and the hydrocephalus children.

The hydrocephalus surgeries were held a couple of weeks ago. Project Medishare and Healing Hands work together with the hydrocephalus families. Pictured to the left is Maguy Rochelin who co-ordinates the surgeries when each surgery team arrives in hait. The four hydrocephalus pictured are 4 of the 5 celebrity hydrocephalus children who have all had surgery. Jansika and her mother are on the far right of the photo. It is good to see all these organizations working together to improve the lives of hydrocephalus children. Pray for all those involved in their care.

Jansika's mother was happy to be there that day. She was looking forward to meeting the President and Wyclef Jean!

This is the 5th hydrocephalus child that was at the dedication of the cat scan. You can see that with surgery pressure on the brain is released and swelling of the brain is decreases. This young child has excellent prospects for a more normal development.

This young girl is a toddler and able to sit and hold her head high. The mother attends physical therapy with her and hopes that one day that she will be able to walk. Pray for all the hydrocephalus mothers, that they have strength and encouragement in looking after these special children.

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