Saturday, May 28, 2011

photos - scanner celebrities - part 3

Maguy, of Project Medishare is standing next to Wyclef. When the hydrocephalus surgeries are going on she is kept busy making sure that everything is running smoothly. This was a proud moment and a big accomplishment for Project Medishare!

Drs. Jerry and Marlon Bitar are twin brothers and they are the medical directors who run Bernard Mevs Hospital. They are both excellent general surgeons who do a lot of surgeries. It was a proud moment for them too and they appreciated Wyclef's gift!

Wyclef also met the director of Project Medishare, Dr. Green. He formed the organization with the desire of improving the medical community in Haiti. The work of Project Medishare especially blossomed after the earthquake. They are a dynamic and driving force at improving the Haitian medical system working in co-operation with the Ministry of Health.

The amputee standing next to Wyclef will be traveling to the United States in July and will enter running races on his special customized running leg. I watched him run and he walks quickly. He is also a prosthetic technician at the hospital.

The amputees wanted to demonstrate their soccer skills. During soccer games they use crutches and are not allowed to wear prosthetic limbs.

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