Tuesday, May 24, 2011

photos - scanner dedication - part 5

Journalists toured the inside of the cat scan trailer. It is large inside. Maguy, of Project Medishaare was explaining how everything works. To the right of Maguy is Dr. Margaret Mevs. Bernard Mevs Hospital was founded in memory of her husband who had died in a work related accident several years ago. Dr. Mevs is one of the best pediatricians here in Haiti. Through the efforts of her family the hospital was established.

Here is the area inside the trailer that houses the cat scan machine. One of the hydrocephalus children was being prepared for a cat scan. Foreign doctors work at the hospital alongside haitian doctors and other personnel.

Sometimes they have to sedate the children to keep them still. This baby has a large head and she kept still for the scan.

The results of the scan are digitized into the computer system and are read online or can be sent over the internet or downloaded to a DVD. It is great to see improvements in techonology.

Cat scans are possible for all areas of the body, not just the head.

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