Tuesday, May 24, 2011

photos - fete drapeau - part 1

May 18th in Haiti is a national holiday called "Fete Drapeau". It is the anniversary of the Haitian Flag. The Haitian people are patriotic and proud of their flag. We headed downtown that day to drop off a mother and her hydrocephalus child at the Jacmel bus station. (There has been a lot of things going on. I will be posting photos of newer events and then going back and covering the later events). The flags were at full-mast in front of the crumpled Palais Nationale.

There was a crowd on the street running in front of the palace and we walked over to check it out. Amos on the left and Yvens in the green t-shirt were with me.

A group of young people dressed in military type uniforms were doing march/dance routines on the street.

They were determined with their footwork and kept in time with each other.

The "parade marshal" is to the left. A band played music to accompany the movements of the marchers.

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