Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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According to Edmond Mulet, the Representative of the Secretary General of the UN in Haiti [until May 31 2011], the power cut during the swearing in of the 56th President of Haiti, Michel Martelly is a premeditated act. He revealed that the electric cables supplying the building where the ceremony took place were cut with a machete ! "It is not possible; It is an anti-democratic act", Mr. Mulet said. He was speaking without ambiguity, of an attempt of "destabilization", and he invited the judicial authorities to punish, without delay, the perpetrators of this act.

Yesterday Monday, Mr. Auguste Harrycidas, the Commissioner of the prosecution for the Government of Port-au-Prince, visited the Parliament to gather information about this incident. "We opened an investigation to establish "all the light" around this issue," he told journalists; After a visit he affirmed to have met various political personalities about this case.

In a note, Saurel Jacinthe, President of the House of Deputies, said that the Bureau of the Chamber had no responsibility in this incident, stating that the building where the swearing-in took place was built and supplied with electricity by a firm of engineers-architects, under the direct and exclusive control of the Organizing Committee of the ceremony. He asks the justice to act quickly in this investigation.

For his part, Fritz Jean-Louis, Coordinator of the Inauguration, said that for now, the committee had no comment to make.

As for Prague Fabien, Communications Director for Electricity of Haiti (EDH), he reiterated Monday that EDH had no responsibility in the incident, stating once again that the building had not been supplied with electricity by the Electricity of Haiti and that the joint committee which organized the various ceremonies of investiture, had assured to have made ​​arrangements to supply electricty to the building with a generator.

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