Saturday, May 28, 2011

photos - scanner celebrities - part 1

Bernerd Mevs/Project Medishare Hospital is a very busy place. It is where some serious trauma cases are received. Near the front gate is triage where cases are assessed. Foreign and Haitian personnel work together helping the constant stream of people who come to the gates each day.

Security was tight at the gates. Only people whose name appeared on a list were allowed inside the gates. The public clinic was closed for the day in preparation for the arrival of Wyclef Jean, President Michel Martelly and others.

Inside the reception tent Amos and Yvens got their picture taken with members of Rock Fam, a well-known music group here in Haiti.

Members of the amputee community, many of them amputees caused by the earthquake gathered together in show of support.

The Haitian amputee soccer team spent some time traveling through the United States raising awareness towards the handicapped of Haiti and showing their determination to strive on with their lives.

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